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Warm Citrine for Chilly November

November Citrine

Along with topaz, citrine is a birthstone for November. It’s also recognized as the gem that commemorates the thirteenth anniversary.

Cirtine is the Gold Quartz.  It gets its color from the traces of iron in the quartz and can be anything from pale yellow to bright shades of amber to deep Gold.  It is often used to in conjunction with feng shui to welcome abundance, prosperity, and positivity.

The ancient Egyptians believed the color of the Citrine stone came from the light cast by 'Ra,' the ancient Egyptian god of the sun.

In ancient Chinese mythology and legend considered the Citrine to be the “success” stone because it had the power to clear fallacies and delusions and to vitalize the intellect.

It is belived to promote creativity, help personal clarity and eliminate self-destructive tendencies.


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