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Genuine Blue Apatite in Sterling drops with butterfly accent.  1.25 in drop.  Sterling hooks

Apatite is a little known gem. It does have some Metaphysical properties though. Apatite is referred to as the gemstone of manifestation as it helps you see things more clearly, to recognize problems that are affecting you, spot the hurdles you have to overcome to reach your goals or what are the issues that are holding you back. Blue Apatite is a motivational stone, promoting independence and ambitiousness.

There are also some interesting facts regarding this stone:

The chlorine in the salt you use probably began its life as apatite.

Apatite is used to make plasma TV screens.
They glow in the dark. Some apatite specimens seem to glow or emit light in certain circumstances a phenomenon known as fluorescence or luminescence.
Apatite is quite soft for a gemstone so extra care is needed when wearing, cleaning and storing. Apatite jewelry should be removed when doing any physical activities, especially household cleaning, sports or gardening. Apatite is sensitive to acids and high heat, so just clean the gemstones in warm soapy water. Store them separately from other gemstones, wrapped in soft cloth or placed in fabric lined boxes.

Please be aware that due to differences in monitor settings, color may vary slightly.

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